Mission, Vision and Values

Vision, Mission, and Values

Vision: Empower youth to make healthy choices and become successful young adults positively influencing future generations.

Mission: To reduce and prevent adolescent pregnancy in Wexford andOceanaCounties through education, public awareness, and advocacy.


  • Sex in adolescence has serious consequences and abstinence is the best choice for teens.
  • Education and knowledge are essential for teens to make healthy choices.
  • Adolescent pregnancy and parenting present substantial, long-term challenges for adolescents, their children, families, and communities.
  • Sexual issues and values are best addressed at home and that quality community resources are an absolute necessity to help families fill this role.
  • Male and female partners are equally responsible for preventing unplanned pregnancy.
  • There is more than one approach to addressing the issue of reducing teen pregnancy in Wexford /OceanaCounties and through collaboration and by embracing our diversity, we will make a difference.
  • Successful adults are confident, competent,  productive, independent, happy, self-sufficient, healthy, knowledgeable, responsible and thoughtful.

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